About Gone Fishing Cat Hotel

Our Hotel consists of five spacious rooms that your feline can call home during their quiet and stress-free holiday.

Sitting on the Wrexham – Shropshire Border, we have a peaceful location, where your cat can spend their time playing, climbing, peering out of the windows or sleeping.

Gone Fishing Cat Hotel is owned and operated by Lisa Hannaby.

Alongside running the hotel, Lisa is a Freelance Science Writer and Consultant in Nutrition and Psychology.  You will find her regular features in Edition Dog and Cat Magazine, along with On The Couch Magazine.  Lisa is also the Researcher, Content Writer and Feline Nutrition Consultant for My Pet Nutritionist, a company providing personalised nutrition for a healthier pet with a focus on fresh feeding, bespoke plans, supplements and science.

Clean and Fresh!

All rooms are built using impermeable plastic to enable daily easy cleaning. We use high level disinfectants to ensure the areas stay clean and bug free!

Things To See and Do

Activity centres and ramps will be found in each room, along with plenty of opportunities to hide for those more cautious cats!

Safe and Settled!

We know that boxes and cocoon beds are perfect for reducing stress levels in a new environment. Pairing this with our Feliway plug-in pheromone diffuser, we can confidently say our cats settle relatively quickly.

Environmentally Friendly!

We can provide both wood pellet and clay litter, although wood pellet is always our first choice.  We are trying to reduce our impact on the environment as a family, so this want naturally seeps into our business choices.

Optimal Health!

We are proud to be a raw feeding cat hotel; we stock Purrform Raw Cat Food and can provide this during your cat’s stay.  We have a range of recipes and treats that can be tailored to your cat’s individual nutritional requirements and preferences.  Being a Nutrition Consultant, Lisa will be happy to discuss your cat’s individual needs.

We also stock Whiskas and Felix Wet and Dry food for those cats not eating a raw diet.  These are included in the daily tariff.

Owners are more than welcome to provide food should our stock not be suitable, but we are unable to offer any discounts.

Individual Care!

Only families of cats are housed together.  Our design allows cats to think they are the only ones here, which can help some more territorial cats settle.  That said, some more friendly cats are more than happy to go for a wander around the Cat Hotel when their own door is open during housekeeping.

Rest and Relaxation!

Our full length windows allow plenty of natural light, providing ample sunbathing opportunities or to simply watch the birds in the garden.  We also have one end room with it’s very own windowsill – this room is often reserved by owners for those outdoor cats who aren’t as excited about the Cat Hotel as others.

Owners are encouraged to settle their cat into the Hotel, by bringing them into their room and setting the room how they choose.  Beds, blankets and toys are all welcome from home.  As are dressing gowns or jumpers with a home scent.


We pride ourselves on making it a stress-free experience for both cats and owners alike.

We know how these feline’s become part of the family and how big of a decision it is to entrust someone with the care of them!

We are thankful so many of our customers do; please feel free to check out our reviews and testimonials.


Highly recommend Gone Fishing. Have rebooked for both summer and Xmas holidays if any further recommendation required!!!


Highly recommend. Lovely setting and lovely people. My cat is my princess and i hate leaving her. Was at ease knowing she was in a lovely clean place and well look after.


My 8 month old kitten Lucky has just returned from her first stay away from home. She loved this place from the minute she strutted out of her cat carrier! Settled straight away and would have happily stayed another 9 nights I’m sure. Thanks Lisa for taking great care of my little fur baby xx.


Lovely cattery very personel services our cats where very relaxed when they came home. We have no worries leaving them there again. So well looked after.  many many thanks.


Would highly recommend Gone Fishing…Lisa is lovely, Room are immaculate and she cares for our beloved boy wonderfully…despite his stranger ways! We had photo updates and will definitely be booking him in aain…thank you so much xxx.


Would highly recommend Lisa at Gone Fishing Cat Hotel. Excellent home services! Will definitely be rebooking for our next holiday! Thank you again Lisa xx.


Wonderful personal service, Knew that Poppy would be in safe hands from the minute we were invite to look around and the fact that she didn’t want to come home proved that!


Poppy absouletly loves it here so much that when we went to take her home she was clinging onto the window frame.